men's Day

10 Reasons We Should Celebrate International Men’s Day

We celebrate every occasion at every festival. But we never celebrate International Men’s Day. Nearly every occasion is celebrated in the world at an international day whether its Yoga Day or Women’s Day or any other day. But men are never given importance. So here

Satisfying Sex-Life

7 Foods For A More Satisfying Sex-Life | Menz Today

Let’s be real. What makes us feel good, really good? Food? Sure. Helping others? OK, maybe. Sex? Good sex? GREAT SEX? Yes, now we are talking! I am willing to bet everything that I own that nothing makes humans feel as happy and as satisfied


7 Ways of Growing a Great Beard | Menz Today

A beard is the best apparel a man can wear. Yes, a great beard obviously gives you a great look to a man’s personality and a different aura to anyone. A full-grown beard is trending these days among youngsters. But just thinking about having a