5 Movies That Won’t Leave You Upset

Movies are fun to watch – except when they aren’t.

While movies are meant to be fun and entertaining, they can often leave you upset, or at least disappointed. And that’s because us humans just happen to not like bad things happening to people. However, that’s how a lot of movies tend to turn out.

It isn’t too rare for entertainment to do the only thing it’s not supposed to. And that has made it pretty hard for a lot of us to look for movies that we’ll actually enjoy watching.

Hopefully, there are still a lot of movies that won’t intentionally turn you down. Here are some of them:

Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes series can never leave you upset. While the protagonist does tend to constantly find trouble, he always handles it well. This series effectively builds up curiosity, suspense, and a great story; all without annoying the viewers with upsetting storylines.

Downey plays his role really well, and polishes any scene with his wit and humor. While the movies would’ve been great any other way, the actor makes it twice as better.

The Sherlock Holmes series does have suspense, but of a kind that won’t annoy or worry you. Its greatly enjoyable storylines make it a series that’s better than its previews.

Home Alone

Nearly all of us have watched this movie. It’s about a young boy who gets left alone at home by his family, and is forced to encounter criminals.

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The movie does develop some tension at places, but it doesn’t make it upsetting. There’s humor and a happy ending, so this movie won’t leave you sad.

Home Alone works for anyone. Kids, adults, family, couples, or even a bunch of high acquaintances you picked up from an underground rave.

The movie is great, and will stay just as good every next time you watch it.

Hansel And Gretel

Hansel and Gretel is about a couple of siblings who are good at what they do – hunting witches. The movie isn’t exactly horror, but it has some really nice horror elements. It’s like any other action movie with mixed scenes, but it certainly doesn’t bring the upsetting feeling.

The movie contains a lot of moderate to heavy, yet bearable gore that we can assure you won’t turn you sick.

Hansel and Gretel is great if you’re into action or gore or both, but need something that is crafted to poorly to remain intense, yet enjoyable.

Men In Black

Men In Black has been a great series. Though it can have some unsatisfying points in its plot, most part of these movies is just really nice science fiction.

Science fiction is always great to watch, and Men In Black has a great, original, and explorable plot that greatly adds up to it.

The Men In Black series sometimes does get a little sad, but in a great way. After all, what’s good in a movie if you can barely feel it?

The Chronicles Of Narnia

This fantasy series greatly balances tragedy and victory, and brings out the best in fantasy fiction. It can surprise you; or even get you a little tense. But it gets better every single time.

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Based on the book: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, The Chronicles Of Narnia carries a massive, exciting, and imaginative plot.

The series seems to stretch pretty long, which is good; because you wouldn’t want it to end. It does get pretty sad (and makes you feel the same way), but turns out better and happier. However, it certainly won’t upset you.