Here’s How You Can Buy Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai Concert Tickets Right Now!

Sometime during May 2017, news broke that Ed Sheeran – the man who recently broke the charts with two of his singles at once, will include India in his list of venues for the Divide tour. Sheeran will be playing his concert in Mumbai on 19th of November, 2017, and Ed Sheeran India tickets will go on sale on the 12th of July, from 11:00 AM.

Ed’s known to have tickets to his concerts sold out really fast, so you better hurry and get yours. In 2015, Sheeran performed three consecutive sold-out shows in the 90,000 audience capacity Wembley Stadium.

Ed Sheeran India Tickets

Ed Sheeran India Concert Tickets

Who Ed Sheeran Is

Ed Sheeran (full name: Edward Christopher Sheeran) is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, and guitarist. He was born in West Yorkshire and raised in Suffolk. He attended the Academy of Contemporary Musicin Surrey in 2009, when he was 18. In 2011, Sheeran released his EP called the ‘No. 5 Collaborations Project’.

After getting signed to Asylum Records, Ed released his album ‘+’, which has since been certified seven-times platinum in the UK.

He has since brought out two more albums, ‘x’ and ‘÷’, which have had multiple songs break the charts.

Why Ed Sheeran’s India Concert Is Going To Be Worth Your Money

Unlike most artists, Sheeran performs. Well, his performances are a lot more honest than what other artists usually do. He doesn’t post-process any of what he plays before it reaches the audience, and plays and sings what he makes you hear.

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Moreover, he prefers getting up on the stage alone. Just one man, one guitar, and a real-time audio looper that he records into and controls – live.

So there’s a really good chance that you’ll get to see a lot more than just a song. Sheeran’s original and creative approach to his music and performance makes everything he does a lot more enjoyable – and sellable – than entire bands.

Ed sings and plays everything you hear coming from the stage, from his guitar percussion to every single riff and progression, looping most of it into his loopstation, which he controls with his feet.

Watch this:

Here’s How You Can Get The Tickets:

Ed Sheeran India Tickets

Ed Sheeran India Concert Tickets

According to this page on Ed’s website, the Mumbai concert tickets will go on sale on 12th of July, at 11:00 am.

You can buy the tickets by browsing to this web page by scrolling down to the ‘Jio Garden’ venue option and clicking the ‘Tickets’ button. Sheeran’s shows sell out really fast, so it’s best to pop your browser as soon as the clock hits 11:00 am.

What Makes Ed Sheeran Different From Most Other Artists

When he moved to Los Angeles in 2010, Sheeran had no contacts other than a poetry night. He played open mic nights all over the city before getting noticed by Jamie Foxx at the Foxxhole.

Ed has always been used to performing live a lot more than having his performances processed in the studio, which makes him a great showman. His songs are as great as they are raw, and usually describe either actual or detailed situations; something most listeners can catch up to.

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Sheeran doesn’t try way too hard to sell himself as an artist. His entire career in music is based on raw honesty. A man with a guitar on a stage. No fancy suits, and in most of his performances, even other musicians.

A possible reason Sheeran attracts all this audience could be the fact that a lot of us can relate to a single person who sings and has fun doing it. Entire bands and carefully made-up artists? Not so much.

Moreover, Ed’s tendency to keep everything from his album art to his own appearance relatively raw keeps people from expecting anything other than great music; which is basically everything people want from an artist.

Support The Artist

Going to concerts is one of the best ways to financially support an artist. However, buying their music and merch also gets them significant revenue for their work and identity.

Like most bands and solo artists, Ed also has a merch shop on his website that sells original Ed Sheeran merchandise.

While audio piracy has been extremely common for a really long time, buying Ed’s original music can still help him with his career, and getting you a lot more, and a lot newer music. You can buy his songs from this page.

Ed Sheeran India Tickets
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