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Let’s be real. What makes us feel good, really good? Food? Sure. Helping others? OK, maybe. Sex? Good sex? GREAT SEX? Yes, now we are talking! I am willing to bet everything that I own that nothing makes humans feel as happy and as satisfied as an amazing sexual encounter. Satisfying Sex-Life – A Dream ?

It may come as a surprise to some of you but the key to better sex might be in your refrigerator or your kitchen pantry. Here are 7 foods that can help your sex-life reach its climax…over and over again.

For those of you that are married or who have been in a relationship for a number of years…well, you and I both know you will keep reading. Sex, more specifically satisfying sex-life, can fortify a relationship and make life more fulfilling. For those of you who are single and dating, sex is still exciting. You still have the thrill of the chase but this information can be used to your advantage, definitely. For those of you who are in a newer relationship, you and your partner are still getting to know each other, learning what makes one another tick and you can use this information to build a relationship that has strength and passion.


Now celery may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sex but do not knock it until you try it. Celery contains androsterone, which is an odorless hormone released through male perspiration that has been shown to turn women on. Guys, much on a couple stalks on your way home from the office. Ladies, through a couple of stalks in your man’s breakfast smoothie next Saturday. Feeling wanted by your partner and desiring your partner alike can instantly turn up the heat in the bedroom.

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Raw Oysters

Aside from the fact that you can feed these slippery aphrodisiacs to one another, you and your partner can take advantage of the fact that oysters contain high levels of zinc which increases sperm and testosterone production. Testosterone is key to making you man the man you want and is just as important for a woman’s sex drive. Additionally, oysters contain dopamine which creates a feel-good sensation leaving you and your partner wanting more…of each other!


banana sex
There is a reason that bananas resemble a particular part of the male anatomy. Ladies, bananas contain a substance called bromelain enzyme which is believed to not only boost sex drive but also reverse male impotence giving your man the strength you are looking for. Guys, bananas are also a great source of both potassium and B vitamins which can provide you with the energy you need to give your lady what she really wants.


This savory fruit contains high levels of folic acid which helps our bodies metabolize protein and raises energy levels. They also contain high levels of vitamin B6 which has been shown to boost male hormone production. Avocados are loaded with potassium which actually helps regulate female thyroid gland function which is directly linked to sexual drive in women.


Although these may not be the nuts you typically associate with sex, these little guys are a great source of essential fatty acids which are vital for male hormone production. Guys, studies of shown that just the scent of almonds has the ability to arouse females, so go out and get a couple of almond-scented candles for the bedroom and light the next time she hops in the shower.

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Although it may not be your breath’s best friend, garlic contains a substance called allicin which increases blood flow to your sexual organs. What else is there to say?


Chocolate satisfying sex
Guys, if you have not figured out that you lady NEEDS chocolate every once in a while, you are probably missing plenty of other things. Chocolate contains a substance called phenylethylamine which is believed to produce the feeling of being in love. Ladies, if you play that card, I am sure you can get a little more chocolate out of your man. That sensation of being in love can make sex more intimate and more meaningful to both parties. Chocolate also contains theobromine which has a similar effect to caffeine which can boost energy and enthusiasm in the bedroom. You know what they say, anything worth doing is worth doing right!

So, next time you are putting together your shopping list, select a few of these options and cook your partner a meal for date night or one Saturday evening when the kids are with the grandparents. Life is too short to miss out on the things that can bring us true happiness, genuine satisfaction and closer to that special someone.