New Fashion Trends For Men In 2017

Preferences evolve, and so does fashion. Old news, but it matters a lot to people, as well as industries. Here’s what 2017 has in new fashion for men:

What This Year Has In New Fashion For Men

2017 has had a lot of nice fashion come alive, and men have a lot of new things to try on – without having to look stupid. Here’s some of the best in new fashion for men for this year:

1. Light Wash Denim Jackets


Image from – Koovs

Light wash denim jackets have made a comeback this year, and they look better than they used to. These might sound too old to many, but they look just as great as they used to. Light washed denim jackets had been in fashion for a long period in the past, and they’re back and better.

2. Shorts


Image from – Koovs

It’s 2017, and we’ve pretty much realized that women deserve as much as men do. And that includes legs. Shorts are in fashion this year, and they look just as amazing as they always have (though it could just be the legs). They’re pretty hot in new fashion for men, and it looks like they are going to stay that way for a while.

3. Patterned Shirts


Image from – Koovs

Patterned shirts are high in fashion right now, and it looks like they’re going to stay up there. After all, they look great, and a lot less boring than most other pieces of clothing.

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4. Plain Tees


Image from Koovs

Nothing may be great enough about plain T-shirts to bring them in fashion, but everything needs a little change. Plain tees are in fashion right now, and are likely to stay though the year and later.

5. Unnatural Hair Color


Image from – Zain Malik














Coloring hair unnatural colors is in fashion this year, and it’s not even left celebrities out. This should be able to hold up at least for another year.