What Goes On Inside The Osho Ashram Pune?

Today we take you through the Osho Ashram – Osho Pune, and bust myths about what goes on inside the ashram.

Who was Osho?

Rajneesh, also known as ‘Osho’, was an Indian godman who led the Rajneesh movement. Osho was known for advocating a more ‘open’ and unconventional approach towards sexuality.

Osho Ashram - Osho Pune

Osho Ashram – Osho Pune

Rather than conventional, monogamous relationships, he supported a more open approach to sex. This earned him the title of ‘sex guru’.

After lawsuits, deportation, and getting denied entry by 21 countries, Osho returned to India, and restored Pune ashram. It is today known as the Osho International Meditation Resort.

He died there in 1990.

The Osho Pune Ashram

Osho Pune Ashram receives thousands of visitors each year from all across the globe.

Osho Ashram - Osho Pune

Osho Ashram – Osho Pune

The Osho International Meditation Resort offers a large variety of activities, including music, painting, tarot, archery, tennis; as well as various forms of meditation.

Osho Ashram - Osho Pune

Osho Ashram – Osho Pune

However, the Osho International Resort isn’t cheap. Apart from the registration fee, you’ll have to pay for your robe (you can’t wear anything else in there), charges for utilising various services, such as pool charge, and for the specialized equimpent they involve.

The Ashram Rules

You can’t click pictures and will be evicted as soon as you’re caught causing any disturbance during meditation.

You’ll also need to pass an HIV test with a negative result during your entry at the Osho International Meditation Resort.

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While diagnoses are always great, the fact that entry into the Osho ashram requires a negative result points towards the possibility that the place still offers or promotes sexual activities within the ashram.

Here’s what visitors say about Osho Ashram – Osho Pune

 Once I heard it from a person, I met him in a Railway Station. He was carrying a good impression about the place and said its not the sex hotel, its rather a place where you can get some peace of mind. But as they promote touch therapy and mixing of human’s so it do happen. At last he said according to Indian social principle’s it may not be good place but many goes there even hiding from their family and experience the bliss and beauty of the place and power of touch as well.

This is the reason HIV test is done when you enter the place which is not mandatory to join any organization. Here it is mandatory. But the cost of the place and all it’s facilities is very costly and you can always source them from outside while enjoy the beauty inside. –  Omkar

My experience was of being hit on the head with a hammer of awareness.  Every negative thought came to consciousness.  It was unpleasant and exhausting.  But I do not think most people experience that.

Some people go the the Resort looking for relationships.  Because meditation begets love,  they may be more successful in the Resort than in the outside world. – John

It was 23:45 and I was on my bed in the hotel, trying hard to figure out, what is the thing I actually want. Why am I not able to find real peace?
After a lot of contemplation, I finally got the courage to admit that I want to get as close as possible to any of the enchantresses and experience the magic.

The urge to feel that love closely is uncontrollable. It is the feeling you will get when you are standing under a noisy waterfall.  Water hitting each and every part of your body with such a force that you lost control of any other senses. You want to transform your body into water so that you can carry on with the flow. It is a magical feeling and I wanted nothing but to submerge myself within the force of Love. – Anonymous

I have visited the ashram last to last year, and it was a pleasant experience. If you really wanted to know what happens within, simply plan your holidays in pune and visit the ashram. – Roshan

Meditation happens inside the Osho ashram. There are various meditation techniques that Osho had provided which are still being carried out on a daily basis in the meditation places including Osho commune international. There are cleansing meditations like Dynamic Meditation, Gibberish, Mystic Rose, No-Mind etc. And then there are other meditations like dancing meditation -Natraj meditation, Kundalini meditation is a more for kundalini awakening than dancing. And then there are many more techiques. If you are just an onlooker, you will not experience anything. And this text will be just your gathered knowledge but not experience – if u really want to know what is there in the OIMR you should visit and find it out yourself. 🙂 (I mean experience yourself)

There is meditation hall – general one – that is used for all meditation thru the day including the EVENING MEDITATION. When Osho was in the body, he used to come for Darshan in that duration that time, the music would play, he would sit there in silence for 10 mins or so. And then celebration continues. Once he was gone back from the hall, the audio/video discourse from his earlier talks series would be shown. Every one would listen to it. He had stopped speaking since long long time so the auidio video. When he used to speak, that time people were sitting for hours ( sometimes upto 3 hrs as well ) till he completed his talk. – Abhivyakti

I too had heard a lot about osho ashram before Like its about sex and all the shit that people like spreading about it.
But let me tell u the reality , osho ashram is completely for meditation.
Their per day fee is about 1300 in which they have two meditation session one in morning and then in the evening.
Also there is a hostel facility wherein you can join by taking their monthly package. – Vinayak

Pic credit – Osho.com, and story inputs from Quora