What Men Want In A Relationship?

Relationships can turn out great, devastating, or anywhere in the middle. And to make one work, it’s important for each partner to be on the same page, and equally satisfied with the person they’re with. However, it isn’t rare for a relationship to come to

colonisation on mars, life on mars

Colonisation On Mars: Science Fiction To Reality

Mars is less than half the size of planet Earth, has an average temperature of 245 Kelvin. It has an atmosphere that’s roughly 100 times thinner than that of Earth, and is 96% carbon dioxide. Under conditions like these, colonizing Mars seems like it can’t


New Fashion Trends For Men In 2017

Preferences evolve, and so does fashion. Old news, but it matters a lot to people, as well as industries. Here’s what 2017 has in new fashion for men: What This Year Has In New Fashion For Men 2017 has had a lot of nice fashion come alive, and men