Is Samsung Galaxy S8 The Real Deal?

Samsung, the no. 1 smartphone brand in the world, faced some hiccups with the Galaxy Note 7 fallout, everyone was a little skeptical about its grand re-return, hoping there was one. And damn! They came back in style in  new, elegant and premium Samsung Galaxy S8 colors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the next big thing to get excited about. Sporting tech which we used to consider bleeding edge just moments before its reveal, this has become one of the fastest selling phones at the moment, where inventory is emptying out at a faster rate than hot cakes itself! S8, following its familia’s traditions, is crafted out of Gorilla Glass 5 and metal. It’s the epitome of smartphone design, which feels like it was crafted by Michelangelo himself. The curved glass fits snugly into one’s hand, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from running your hands across the device once you get hold of it.

The revolutionary display blasted me away! The screen real estate is where the S8 excels, with a unique aspect ratio of 18.5:9. This experiment, which was well received by the consumers (Take note, Apple) aims to exclude the physical home button from the basic smartphone design, without losing the reliability of it. With this new aspect ratio, the phone feels tall and narrow, and feels much more comfortable to hold. With 83% of screen to body ratio, Samsung has managed to fit a relatively large screen into a small body, where the screen merges seamlessly with the body.

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The S8 is the first standard Galaxy S phone (as in, not an Edge or Edge Plus) to have curved sides and the Edge display. You can use it as a kind of speed dial for your frequent apps and contacts, news headlines and so on, which you can call up from any screen (and tweak the tab location so it’s easy for you to grab). On a different note, I would advise you to get a case for this bad boy, even though it feels like veiling Aphrodite herself! The rounded edges might get shattered easily, although that can be truly said after I drop my S8! (I might, in the name of science of course)

Standard photos on the Galaxy S8’s single 12-megapixel are consistently good. They’re crisp, colorful and eminently sharable. Low light shots are relatively bright and detailed (the darker the scene, the more image noise you’ll see), and selfies on the 8-megapixel front-facing camera are also terrific.

Samsung has not forgotten their advanced controls. There’s a pro mode and a heap of editing tools that really let you fine-tune colors, brightness and tone. If the camera recognizes a face, it’ll offer up a Portrait editing option, which lets you blur the background to approximate the same kind of bokeh effect you can get from the iPhone 7 Plus second camera lens.

The biggest question is that the battery is safe after the Note-calypse? The answer is that one can’t say. There have been no reports of any spontaneous combustion, and thank God for that. The battery performance does not disappoints, where it averaged around 16 hours of continuous video playback. After performing well in synthetic benchmarks, the Snapdragon 835 blew all the devices away in its overall reliability. The phone comfortably lasted through the day with moderate usage, with relatively low heating up of the device, which albeit is much more noticeable on devices with glass backs.

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Everything else you need to know about the Galaxy S8 features

  • The glass body is super reflective and is a finger print magent
  • It runs Android 7.0 Nougat, with a revamped version of not-so-TouchWiz UI
  • A cleaner Samsung interface comes with nice changes: swipe up on the home screen to see apps, touch and hold an app icon for more options
  • Audio sounded tinny pumped through the main speakers
  • Songs and video sounded rich through the included earbuds — great for in-box headphones
  • Very fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor (tested)
  • Some regions come with Samsung Exynos processor instead
  • Water-resistant IP68 body up to 3 feet of water and up to 30 minutes
  • More convenient one-handed operation than S7

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It’ll be overkill now if I mention the body again! Bixby AI is a half-baked attempt to replace Google Assistant, and dedicating a physical button to it was overkill.
The camera is perfect in low-light conditions. Fingerprint sensor is terribly placed, which results in smudging of the camera. This may ruin your ability to quick shoot.
The display is revolutionary, with the new aspect ratio immensely improving the User Xperience.
Snapdragon 835 lives up to its fame.
The battery life is only second to, ironically, the Note 7.
Gimmicks like Iris Scanner are fun to play with, but the fingerprint sensor is blazing fast.

The Bottom Line

Samsung Galaxy S8 put other phones to shame. Even at its exorbitant price, it provides the AAA experience and value which the competition simply can’t. Although the Bixby AI is in its testing phase, it shows quite promise to be something greater in the future. The phone is a delight to own, and its promise to seamlessly fit into your regular life isn’t understated.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Colors : choose your color – our recommendation – Coral Blue

Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S8?

And if you have bought it already, here are the first things to do with your Samsung Galaxy S8:


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