What’s so Special and Inspirational about ‘Virushka’

I was in my bed after a tiresome workday. As usual, I logged into my Facebook and I saw this:

“What!? Did they get married, or is this another clickbait?”, I asked myself. After all the speculations, it was quite obvious that the couple would get married pretty soon. The social media was going crazy over Virushka, constantly getting flooded with wedding pics and wishes.

Why is this Marriage a ‘breath of fresh air’?

We have witnessed many celebrity couples in the past, and almost all of them separated dramatically. However, Virushka looked like a different case:

  • They are a perfect example of Bollywood’s larger-than-life romances, which we have believed not to be true.
  • Virushka somewhat strengthens the innocent charm of love.
  • The couple reinforces the belief that “long-term romantic associations culminate into marriage”.
  • They gave the young couples hope for their futures.

The Absence of Negativity

When Anushka was blamed for Virat’s bad performances, he defended her.

All this negativity was replaced by people discussing how good the couple looks together. This was quite unusual for the public, who has a very hostile and unforgiving attitude towards celebrities. They condemn them with the same passion with which they adore them.

Why is Virushka Inspiring?

Virat hailed from a middle-class family and lost his father at the age of 18. In spite of these hardships, he pioneered his way to the greatest heights in the world of cricket. The bad boy of Indian cricket has become the greatest batsman world has ever produced.

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Bollywood has always been considered to be a place where only the people with links within the industry have a chance to make it big. Anushka has no Bollywood background whatsoever. Still, she is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood now. The couple’s achievements have been based solely on their hard work and talent.

The two of them coming together was the perfect middle-class dream. It’s the possibility of dreams coming true in the best way possible that has overwhelmed us as a nation.

What We Can Learn from Virushka

  • Your background doesn’t define the success you can achieve.
  • You will be criticized on your journey towards your goal. Don’t let it stop you.
  • Fairytale-love stories do exist in this highly professional world.
  • You can have a healthy relationship even after being deeply involved in your careers.
  • Hard work still matters.

We wish “Virushka” the best for their future. We thank them for reinforcing our faith in that ideal life we all dream of. May you live happily ever after.