Women of Desire: 10 Pictures Of Levy Tran That’ll Leave You Wanting More

Levy (pronounced la-vee) Tran is a Vietnamese-origin, American model and movie actress who is known for appearing in various movies like Furious 7, The Silk Road, and Animal Kingdom, among others.

She’s covered in tattoos and has something about her that makes her look fearless – something that makes her look perfect in her own way.

We went through Levy’s Instagram profile (@levytranofficial) and through the rest of the internet to look for some of the hottest images of Levy Tran that we could find. Here’s all the treasure we ended up with:


This is one of the more popular (and equally amazing) images of Levy Tran.

This slightly-tinted monochromatic picture of Levy shows her wearing a really cute hairstyle, and a couple pieces of clothing. Which, apparently –*heavy breathing* – she’s barely wearing.

Covered in tattoos and covering her shoulder boulders, Levy has successfully made it impossible for us to stop scrolling back up to check her out.


As you can see in THIS picture, LEVY HAS A REALLY AMAZING BOO-

Sorry, we got a little carried away with the description.

Anyway, you might’ve noticed how Levy has a high-grade bottom, that we again can simply not stop looking at.

And it’s pretty obvious that a look from her will always turn you on.

Levy looks great, no matter how she models for the camera. But we must admit that this picture of Levy with her good stuff up for the camera is exceptionally good, for obvious reasons.

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We’ve seen how Levy looks nothing less than amazing in her own style. However, she looks just as awesome in others. And we’ll say it again – especially when she’s lying with her bottom for us to look at.

While she looks great in her tattoos and skin, Levy Tran looks just as great in a regular shirt, on a regular bed, with regular innocence.

This picture’s another evidence of the fact that Levy will never cease to amaze us – in a good way, of course.


While Levy Tran can pull a lot off perfectly, there’s something about her usual style that makes her look great like no one else.

Levy’s posing with one of her arms covering her breasts, showing off the rest of her body. Well, almost.

Undeniably, she looks great in her shoes, stockings, and tattoos. While Levy would look great in anything (or out of), her sense of fashion ramps anything up closer to perfection.


It’s clear – we just cannot have enough of Levy’s glorious bottom. We just can’t. Just – no.

This picture of Levy Tran showing her butt off in a black lingerie, pulling her t-shirt over her butt shows just how well she can amaze us every single we care to look at her butt.

While her butt is enough to direct out attention at itself for a minimum of 20 minutes, Levy’s hair, and the way she poses and smiles for the camera blows minds.


A girl lying on her bed, reading a book.

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What could be interesting about that? Well, Levy Tran. That’s what.

Levy can be seen on a bed, reading a book. But her curving her body, raising her rear, and doing everything else she’s done to pose perfectly for the camera makes her look somewhat more stunning than she already is.


This photo of Levy showing-off her perfect, tattooed body in a lingerie is nothing short of the very definition of ‘sexy’.

Levy’s seductive look, as well as the way she’s holding what looks like a piece from her lingerie set has us staring. Her tattoos look just as amazing as she does, by which, we mean absolutely stunning.

Every single picture Levy gets shot is nothing short of a high-quality piece of art.


While Levy looks cute with her hair tied up, her hair, when left to fall, look just as amazing.

This photo of Levy Tran shows just how perfect her entire body is. Revealing her tattoos, a large part of her torso, and her limbs, Levy shows just how amazing she really is.

Everything from her hair to her body, Levy scores a thousand out of a hundred – at least from us. And we’re pretty sure that anyone else would rate her the same.


Lingerie and ultra-professional photos aren’t the only things Levy is great at.

Classic yoga pants and some cleavage? Not an issue for Levy. Like anything else, she looks just as amazing in the widely-loved yoga pants, and pulls the look off perfectly.

And her tattoos; they inevitably take over and make everything better.

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What could be better than a really hot, tattooed chick in a two-piece?

A really hot, tattooed chick a two-piece who’s aggressively biting her top. Extra sexy.

Glowing at a hot, thousand degrees, Levy looks as stunning and hot as she can. Her hair falling to her shoulders complement her aggressive gesture, and makes this picture perfect in its own way.