Women Of Desire: Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is an American model and actress. Born on June 18, 1987, Melanie was voted the winner for Maxim’s ‘Hometown Hotties’ in 2010.

After winning Hometown Hotties, Melanie Iglesias has been featured in popular magazines like Esquire, World’s Most Beautiful, and Vibe. She has also appeared in Guy Code, Girl Code, Guy Court, and World Poker Tour.

Melanie is undeniably hot, and we can’t help but point it out. To help you see it better, we’ve put together the following list of pictures which shows how hot it can possibly get:


A simple photo, and Melanie already looks amazing. It’s true that she’s put on a little makeup, but it’s pretty clear that she’d heat things up just as much without it. Iglesias certainly looks hot enough to make summer go 12 months.


Melanie Iglesias is showing her stunning body in a bikini, and we’re pretty sure can break a city down if she decides to walk through one. Melanie’s curves are perfect, which is just one of the things that make her as amazing as she is.


Honestly, Melanie posing in an apparel this hot is all we really need. Melanie has hit an entire new level of hotness in this picture, and it’s pretty clear why. Melanie looks just as hot, not matter how she poses or looks at the camera.


Soaked in water, Melanie looks sexier than anyone alive. Plus, there’s a little, uh- something that adds up to the view.

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This picture shows that Melanie really knows how to heat things up. She’s leaning back on a chair in lingerie, and it looks sexy as hell.


Melanie sure does look hot, but her smile looks insanely cute, and of course, as sexy as it always is. A smile, and we think we’re already falling in love with her.


This photo of Melanie Iglesias in lingerie looks sexy enough to cause road accidents, because we know we’d let go of the steering if we saw her.


We like Superman, but she’s making us have second thoughts. We don’t know why, but we’ll prefer one hot Melany over saving the planet.


Melanie looks hot from head to toe, and this picture shows that well. She poses great, and this picture’s no exception.


If this isn’t super-ultra-insanely-hot, we don’t know what is. Melanie completely owns and destroys everything that’s hard for people like her to even get done well. She’s sexy no matter what she does, and we think that these pictures prove why.